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Barbeque, pan fry or chargrill, no matter the method cook every steak to perfection using our helpful tips and tricks!

  1. Bring to Room Temperature

This makes an amazing difference to cooking through evenly.

2. Pat Dry and Season

Don’t be afraid to give your steak a pat and a bit of a season with salt and pepper. This helps form that amazing crust we all know and love about a perfect steak.

3. Turn Up the Heat

Get your skillet smoking HOT before putting the steak in.

4. Test Internal Temperature

Take your steak off the stove before checking your internal temperature, as the steak temperature will continue to rise as it rests.

Rare – 2 minutes each side, rest for 2 minutes.
Take off stove at – 47oC

Medium Rare – 2 ½ minutes each side, rest 4 minutes
Take off stove at – 52oC

Medium – 3 minutes each side, rest 4 minutes
Take off stove at – 57oC

Medium Well – 3 ½ minutes each side, rest 5 minutes
Take off stove at – 60oC

Well Done – 5-6 minutes per side, rest for 6 minutes
Take off stove at – 65oC  
5. Give Your Steak a Break

Rest your steak for 5 to 10 minutes to allow for the fibres to relax and juices to absorb. This is a must-do step for any protein you cook hard and fast!

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