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In a world where big corporations often dominate the sponsorship scene, it’s refreshing to see local businesses stepping up to support their communities. Clayton’s Organic Beef, a beloved local enterprise renowned for its commitment to quality and sustainability, has recently taken on the role of sponsor for the Brothers Rugby Club. This partnership marks not only a significant milestone for both parties but also highlights the importance of local businesses supporting grassroots sports and community events.

“Sponsorships like these are more than just a logo on a jersey,” Jackie Sargood emphasised. “They’re about camaraderie, and a sense of belonging within our community. It’s about showing we’re all in this together.”

Sponsorships enable clubs like the Brothers Rugby Club to thrive, providing opportunities for players of all ages to develop their skills, forge lifelong friendships, and make cherished memories on and off the field.

This sponsorship holds a special significance for the Sargood family. For years, their sons were proud members of the club. “We have witnessed the transformative power of community sports, watching our sons grow not only as athletes but also as individuals” Jackie stated. “We are investing in the same community that has played an integral role in shaping our family’s values and experiences. “

As we celebrate the partnership between Clayton’s Organic Beef and the Brothers Rugby Club, let us recognise the significance of local businesses supporting community sports and events. Through their sponsorship, Clayton’s is not only promoting their brand but also embodying the spirit of corporate responsibility.