Our Farm

Our Breed: Our family breed Santa Gertruidis on Manresa, which are cross-bred to achieve the best cattle for our needs.

Organic Cattle

Our cattle are humanely raised, free-range and grass fed on certified organic Queensland farms before they arrive at Tulloch Brae, our home property to receive an organic ration for 100 days. The animals are never crammed onto feedlots and they are always treated with respect. Production is certified organic and totally natural in every aspect. No hormones or antibiotics are used and there are no pesticides on the pastures. We hand select our cattle each week, and muster on horseback to keep stress levels for the cattle low.

Our History

Our family hails from Manresa, a 40,000-acre property of pulled scrub and buffle grass in Western Queensland. Manresa was certified organic in 1995, making us one of the first to be certified. We loved life on Manresa but knew we wanted to be closer to city markets. We bought Tulloch Brae in 2004 and now have 620 organic certified acres 18 miles/40kms from Toowoomba in South East Queensland.
We’ve been selling around 4500 organic animals a year since then and moved into the US market in 2011. At first, we were only in a few stores but we’re now distributed in 372 ShopRite outlets between New York and Philadelphia. We are also expanding our reach in the domestic market, ensuring our local customers are catered for too!