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Organic Cattle

Our cattle are humanely raised in a free-range environment in Queensland, Australia. All cattle are finished being raised on the one property “Tulloch Brae”, by one farming family, us, The Sargoods. Our animals are never crammed onto feedlots and they are always treated with respect. Production is 100% Certified Organic and totally natural in every aspect. No hormones or antibiotics are used and there are no pesticides on the pastures. We hand select our cattle for market each week, and muster on horseback to keep stress levels for the cattle as low as possible. This lifelong care is reflected in the behaviour of our livestock and the flavour and tenderness in the beef they produce.

Our History

In 2004, our family purchased Tulloch Brae, a 1240-acre certified organic farm located just 18 miles (40 km) from Toowoomba in South-East Queensland. Since entering the US market in 2011, we have been able to market around 12,000 head of cattle each year. We are also expanding our presence both internationally and domestically, ensuring that our local customers continue to receive the highest quality beef.